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Bringing qualified investors, businesses and entrepreneurs who have expressed an interest in Africa together with key policy makers and leading players in the region.
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The African Opportunity – Spotlight on West Africa

The 3rd ECOWAS (West African) Investment Forum will take place in Lagos from the 5th to the 7th of June 2013.

This event will bring qualified investors, businesses and entrepreneurs who have expressed an interest in Africa together with key policy makers and leading players in the region.

The aim of the forum is to educate the international investor community on the West African investment landscape and showcase attractive opportunities in the region. The forum will also be arranged to enable site visits and facilitate meetings.with project owners.

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Ecobank is the leading pan-African bank with operations in 33 countries across the continent, more than any other bank in the world. The Group also has a licensed operation in Paris and representative offices in Johannesburg, Dubai and London. Ecobank's dual objective is to build a world-class pan-African bank and to contribute to the economic and financial integration and development of the African continent. It's services are delivered by three customer-focused business segments, Corporate Bank, Domestic Bank and Ecobank Capital all of which are supported by an Integrated IT platform. Ecobank operates as “One Bank” with common branding, standards, policies, processes to provide a consistent and reliable service across its unique network of 1,151 branches, 1,487 ATMs, and 2,151 POS machines servicing 8.4 million customers. With 23,350 employees as at end of 2011, the Group is the largest employer of labour in the financial sector industry in Middle Africa.

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The Infrastructure Bank Plc (TIB) is Nigeria's dedicated infrastructure bank providing financial solutions to support key long term infrastructure projects, including transportation infrastructure, municipal common services, mass housing and district development, solid waste management and water provision, and power and renewable energy projects.

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The vision, to be the Trade Finance Bank for Africa.
Mission Statement:

To stimulate a consistent expansion, diversification and development of African trade while operating as a first class, profit-oriented, socially responsible financial institution and a centre of excellence in African trade matters.

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The Bank presently provides short and medium term loans to Nigerian exporters. It also provides short term guarantees for loans granted by Nigerian Banks to exporters as well as credit insurance against political and commercial risks in the event of non-payment by foreign buyers. The Bank is also the government’s National Guarantor under the ECOWAS Inter-state Road Transit programme.

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Enterprise Transport and Logistics Limited (Entralog) was formed with objective of processing and securing transportation of bulk cash and ATM loading services in Nigeria. Our client focus ranges from major retailers and banking institutions to fuel retailers and wholesalers nationally. The Company is currently operating multiyear Cash-In-Transit (CIT) contracts with major banks in Nigeria and has been able to prove her service excellence in this area since 2009. Our latest generation vehicles have been rated amongst the best in the world, a testimony to our commitment to retaining our profile as emerging leader in the cash management industry.

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The Lekki Free Zone covers a land mass of about 16,500 hectares divided into four different quadrants namely, the Southwest, Southeast, Northwest and Northeast quadrants respectively. The Lekki Free Zone Development Company is a Joint Venture partnership between the Lagos State Government represented by Lekki Worldwide Investments Limited and a consortium of Chinese Companies. This Joint Venture Company has been given the concession to develop and manage the Southwest Quadrant which is about 3,000 hectares, tagged the Phase 1. The development concept for this phase 1 is not just about an Industrial Park like most of other Economic Zones, its a complete new city that comprises Industrial Park, Commercial Services and Logistic Park, Central Business District, Petrochemical Storage, Hotel and Resorts and Residential Blocks. An emerging city with a self sustaining facilities in terms of power, water, sewage treatment, Airport and Deep Sea Port to compliment the commercial activities that will evolve in no distant future. Lekki Free Zone offers a list of preferential policies and incentives as provided by the NIGERIA EXPORT PROCESSING ZONES ACT 63 of 1992 to encourage prospective investors to invest in Nigeria without stress.

Roundtable Host

Ogun State shares an international boundary with the Republic of Benin to the west, to the south it is bounded by Lagos State and the Atlantic Ocean, on the east by Ondo State and in the north by Oyo State. The state has enormous industrial potentials. Its natural resources, manpower, water and electricity supply, and its geographical proximity to Lagos make it a potential industrial zone to the nation. Extensive limestone deposits in the area can last for some five hundred years according to scientists. The multi-million naira cement factory in Sagamu is the largest cement factory in West Africa. Both this factory and Ewekoro cement factory depend on the local limestone resources for raw materials. Other mineral resources available include chalk, phosphate, high quality stones and gravel for construction works. The region also has industries involved in the production of beer, bicycle tyres, ceramic goods, high quality clay bricks, carpets and clothing materials. Major crops grown in the state include kola nut, rice, maize, cassava, yam, banana and cocoa. The state is one of the largest producers of kola nut in the country. Timber and rubber are also produced on a large scale. About 20% of its total area is constituted of forest reserve suitable for livestock. There are proposed plans for an Agricultural Cargo Airport which will stimulate economic growth and raise the industrial profile of the state.

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